Sunday, January 3, 2010

One Small Kitchen Revolution - Thou shall not Waste

My food sins are negligible. They are of the pelicanning of beautiful white bread spread with equal parts organic butter variety, deglazing some (many) pans with whipping cream or whatever alcohol is in reach,treating prosciutto like it is a necessary fixture in the cheese drawer and eating non organic pineapples occasionally (I call it jonesin' for a pina). I put much effort into practicing what I preach but where I fail is......I waste food.

The spoiled inner hedonist tends to only want to cook whatever it is craving with little regard for what is actually contained in the fridge. I fall on and off the wagon on this point sometimes I am really on it and more often than not - I'm not. I have a small person(2 and a bit she) whom I have to my horror recently realized is always watching/parroting/mimicking. I am now under the microscope in my own kitchen- I need to be mindful of the habits I am instilling.

One of the greatest food sins we as first world people practice is wasting food- here is great article
I have baby numero 2 imminent, for my own sanity and our monthly food bill I need to tighten up, grow up and meal plan (inner hedonist rebels). I am creative enough in the kitchen that I can do this and if all else fails ....I'll just make soup out of those bits of veg, cheese sauce out of all those ends, muffins out of those bananas etc. Please join me as I turn over this new leaf in this New Year. The food will be great !


Laura said...

Ah yes I moved this way last year. I think you'll enjoy the challenge!

Dairy Free Betty said...

that's really funny, as I was grocery shopping today, I was thinking that I need to stop wasting so much food - produce especially!!

Thanks for the reminder!

A.R.Ambler said...

I have this problem, too. I've gotten better at freezing and drying, but it really helps me to have a physical LIST on the fridge of what's in there, so I know what I have to deal with.

Ben said...

It's so true, we waste so much food in North America, much of the world would be horrified if they knew. I try really hard to keep things away from the very back of the fridge where they tend to disappear into stinky puddles of slime and mold, but when I can't use scraps for anything there's always the compost bin which is better than the landfill. Thanks for posting this excellent blog.

Ben said...

Just another thought: following recipes can be helpful for meal planning, but they can also lead to buying a bunch of something that is only used in that one recipe, so the left overs tend to spoil since nobody likes making the same dish several days in a row. The solution? Make a huge batch and freeze individual meal portions for future use. ;)